Top 5 Checks While Comparing Mutual Funds

It’s a challenge to choose a mutual fund scheme! The number of mutual fund schemes available in the market would drive any investor insane to zero down on a mutual fund of his/her choice. There is an endless list of checks necessary to be done before arriving at the one mutual fund scheme that meets your requirements and has potential to give decent returns.

Below are the various checks to keep in mind while comparing mutual funds:

Know your fund house:
Choosing a fund house in which you have sufficient faith to invest your money in is important before zeroing in on a scheme of your choice. Investors look for fund houses which can take care of their investments and can manage their money well. Objectives set by fund houses help investors to meet their goals thus securing their future. If the objectives are not met, investors lose faith in the fund house. A budding investor should ask these important questions like, “What are the fund houses’ investment objectives?”, and “How many schemes does the fund house offer to its investors?”, “Are the funds similar under different names?”, “Does the fund make sense to me?” It is equally important to know how the fund manager manages the funds under him/her. One needs to ascertain how schemes have performed during various market cycles managed by the fund manager. A good fund manager is not only important for the fund house but also for an investor.

Fund philosophy:
The next important check is to know the philosophy of the fund house. A set of guiding principles that inform and shape an individual’s investment decision-making process is termed as the philosophy of the fund. The fund house’s investment philosophy plays an important role in determining the performance of its funds in different market conditions. The selection of the funds, investment decisions are directly dependent on the fund philosophy.

Charges and fees:
An Asset Management Company (AMC) that spends on the upkeep of a mutual fund is measured as the expense ratio of a fund. The fees of the advisor, record-keeping, legal expenses, accounting, auditing fees etc. are what make up an expense ratio. Higher churning of portfolio leads to higher costs. It is an expense borne by the investor and is deducted from the investment. For example, if you have invested Rs. 100 and the expense ratio of the fund is 1.25, then your investment is Rs. 98.75. Lower expense ratio means that higher amount is available for investment.

In today’s world it is very important to maintain a good relationship with the customers, and to maintain a good relationship, there has to be a high level of transparency. This holds true even for mutual funds, as all mutual funds disclose the stocks they buy etc., through factsheets SEBI’s new rule, instituted October 1 2016, requires asset management companies to disclose all commissions paid to distributors in the Half-Yearly Consolidated Account Statements (CAS) they send to investors, all this in an effort to bring more transparency into the system.

It is only when SEBI brought the commission disclose rule that we have started paying trail commission to distributors in the Regular Plan effective April 1,2017 by letting you, our investor, know exactly where your money is going and that its serving your interests first.

So when it comes to long term wealth generation that puts the investor first, it may make sense to invest in a fund which focuses on transparency and controlling costs – rather than investing in a typical high-cost mutual fund that consciously uses big ads to attract your money!

The last factor is return on investments. All the above factors are major drivers behind the performance of the funds. There are many other factors which have direct and indirect impact on performance of the funds; however, we have discussed the major factors above.

Moreover, it is important to understand that the performance of the funds can change over a period of time (positively as well as negatively), however, its philosophy, ethics, investment strategy are the main pillars. Don’t just only compare the performance of the fund in isolation.

To conclude, sound knowledge and research is very important before choosing a mutual fund to park your hard earned money. Following all the above steps might help you take right decision. However, you may consult your financial advisor before taking any investment related decision.

Redemption should not be tied with Markets Performance

A very simple and clear advice is to remain invested till the time your financial goal is not achieved.

Always remember that the decision of redemption should be connected to your investment objectives and not to market levels.

Fund Managers best to manage your money in such scenario

As a mutual fund investor, it is best not to worry about the market levels. Analyzing market trends and investing money accordingly is the fund manager’s job. When markets are at their peak, the need to redeem shouldn’t cross your mind. Fund managers are supposed to understand market trends better, sell the overvalued stocks and then deploy money as and when markets offer investment opportunities.

Your fund manager may have booked profits on investment and is now waiting for the next suitable opportunity for further investment. Therefore, it is probably better to hold for a while before taking the next step. Fund Managers spend most of their time in research, meeting with company promoters to understand their strategy and business plans which could have an impact on the performance of stocks or markets. In short, your fund managers are potentially in a much better position in understanding markets trends.

There is also a possibility of you not be able to reinvest your redeemed money and may lose out on opportunity which does not happen if you let the Fund Manager manage your money.

Investors who have profitable investments in hands due to recent highs in the markets and now thinking on redemption. We have a question for you! Will you able to be catch a good investment opportunity in the current market especially when interest rates on savings and fixed deposits are falling? Therefore, our advice is continuing your investments with this profit till the time you have not achieved your financial goal.

Redeem only if you have achieved your investment goal!

You may have two reasons for redemption. Either you are worried about the markets levels (markets are at all-time high so may fall down and better book some profit) or you have met your financial goal, investment objective.

If you are looking to book profits then, as we have explained earlier it is better the fund manager do that job.

In second case, if you have achieved your financial goal then you can redeem now. You can spend your profitable investment to fulfill your financial goal like higher education, marriage etc, thanks to outstanding markets performance. Now you can enjoy benefits of long term investments!

One of the best way to redeem your investment is by starting a Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP), by doing this you will minimize the risk of redeeming all your money on one day.

To conclude, if you have achieved your investment objective then you can set a new financial goal and start your next long term investment association with markets. If you have not achieved your financial goal, then you should continue with your investments till the time you have not achieved investment objective.

Deciding the Right Balance between Risk and Returns

Sometimes, even some of the best retirement plans that you’ve worked very hard at achieving are subject to certain unforeseen risks or loss. After witnessing the 2008 financial stock market meltdown, whatever retirement savings accumulated over the years could get wiped out, high inflation rates could eat away at your hard earned savings faster than you planned, with rising life expectancy raising longevity risk, people post retirement may outlive their investments and their accumulated money may not be enough to sustain the desired lifestyle due to personal situations, health care costs which are a few of the unknown.

The one thing that is inevitable is risk – decline in value of an investment during investing. As an investor, one would need to take into consideration the different risks that one may face and how to manage it. Keeping this in mind, making wise investment choices could help diminish risk in a way that helps you reap rewards.

The aim, of course, is to decide the right balance of solutions given the risks that you may face post retirement. For some of you, reviewing and rebalancing your investment strategy may be important, for others, investing less into equities while investing more in safer instruments could be important and for the rest, investing only in safer instruments may be of utmost importance. Nonetheless, for those of you reaching your retirement life or may have already entered that phase, it is important to understand the types of risks that lie ahead and how one may overcome it by protecting their retirement kitty and letting it continue to grow.

Let us look at the different types of risks that you may come across and what solutions you can take to make sure your retirement corpus outlives you.

#1 – Inflation

Inflation can have a big impact on retirees especially those living on a fixed income. Even though various financial responsibilities such as taking care of children’s education, feeding a big family become much lesser, however, other personal duties such as food expenses, paying housing bills cannot be ignored. It is important to know that inflation can affect different commodities differently; food and fuel prices are likely to fluctuate daily, along with volatility. For example, if you have set aside Rs. 3,00,000/- per year for your retirement, you’ll still have the same amount of money – but its value will not be much due to inflation. The Rs.50 toothpaste that you buy today will cost you Rs.80 in 5 years. The value of your retirement corpus will get depleted if inflation is not taken into consideration.

#2 – Interest Rates

The interest rates of savings accounts are already touching the floor. With banks offering lower interest rates, it would be a complete dampener for those surviving on fixed-income investments. Senior citizens and retirees who depend on income from their investments are the ones who are impacted.

#3 – Unexpected Health Care Costs

Due to advances in medical science, there is a general increase in the lifespan of individuals which leads to higher medical expenses that you may not foresee well into your retirement life. The post retirement phase could be as high as 30 to 40 years. Any financial plan should assume long living phase. Unexpected health care costs are a major concern. Long-term health issues such as an accident, illness, chronic disease, cognitive impairment can drain your savings when mental or physical capabilities deteriorate. Ignoring such issues and failing to plan adequately for post-retirement phase may not allow individuals to amass sufficient funds with which one can accomplish all their dreams and enjoy a peaceful retirement life.

A Fund to select part of Asset Allocation Post Retirement

Select Multi asset – Fund of Funds scheme that invests judiciously in a mix of 3 asset classes – Equity, Debt and Gold. This unique combination brings together the volatile equity assets with other relatively less volatile asset classes in the portfolio which is called as asset allocation. Multi Asset helps those investors who are moving closer to retirement or retirees who cannot afford to take high risk investing in equities, but are ok with some amount of moderately high risk to earn an additional return over fixed income with some market risks. While investing in Multi Asset Fund, you can give maximum opportunity to your money to grow during your retirement phase as this fund invests in all 3 asset classes.


Post retirement, earnings come to an end. Many retirees want to follow their hobbies or travel to their dream destinations. It is important to let your regular income continue post retirement to fulfill those dreams but it is also equally important to not let that income erode due to inflation, interest rates or unexpected health costs. If you wish to grow your money and you have some amount of risk appetite, you can look at equities. Remember, asset allocation always plays an important role in the kind of returns your investments generate. Our objective of this article is to help you allocate your assets wisely by keeping risk under control and grow your investments to help you manage your post retirement financial needs. And this can be easily achieved by investing in Multi Asset Fund.

Disclaimer, Statutory Details & Risk Factors:

The views expressed here in this article are for general information and reading purpose only and do not constitute any guidelines and recommendations on any course of action to be followed by the reader. The views are not meant to serve as a professional guide / investment advice / intended to be an offer or solicitation for the purchase or sale of any financial product or instrument or mutual fund units for the reader. The article has been prepared on the basis of publicly available information, internally developed data and other sources believed to be reliable. Whilst no action has been solicited based upon the information provided herein, due care has been taken to ensure that the facts are accurate and views given are fair and reasonable as on date. Readers of this article should rely on information/data arising out of their own investigations and advised to seek independent professional advice and arrive at an informed decision before making any investments.

Placement Consultants

Searching for a job is the most critical thing today and there are huge list of unemployed people in market and everybody is waiting for his/her chance, not to worry; Placement consultants are the best way to get a desired job. There are so many Placement Consultants in market and they do market research and study for our future and most of them are really good, and we should contact these consultancies so that they can help us as to get a right path for our future.

Most of them are providing free service and some are paid and they have different services like ‘Resume Formation’ and career path counseling. These consultancies are having experienced and market expert to guide students for the best path of his/her career. A fresher need such career counseling otherwise s/he gets confused and enrolled him/her self in a profession to survive, but this should not happen.

Placement consultants are good enough to guide us for better future and profession according to our qualification. These consultants use several different forms of advertising media such as newspaper, magazine etc; amongst which internet is the most common one. At some point placement agencies are the best to apply for a job as before going at company, these consultants aware you about the complete job responsibility, skills and many more before going for an interview. In this way, one can easily handle the situation at the time of interview as the candidate will be aware of his role. To get the employment, a candidate needs to get register with these placement agencies. So that if they find the eligibility matches the profile you have submitted then they will surely contact you.

Hire the Best Health and Safety Consultancy Services

Health and safety consultancy helps you follow the maxim, “It is better to be safe than sorry” to the T. This phrase is applicable to all aspects of business. Making provisions for contingencies or unforeseen events is very essential. As a business enterprise, you have to comply with various legal requirements for protecting people and your business. Health and safety consultancy can help you manage this process. Additionally, they will work in partnership with you to identify and minimize risks, remove avoidable costs and improve business performance.

There are different types of health and safety services available. The key services include health and safety, construction health and safety, fire safety, food hygiene, environmental management and ISO 14001. Non-compliance in these aspects of your business can turn out to be costly. It is important to adhere to compliance and hire health and safety management.

Types Of Services

Healthy And Safety: This service works towards health management of your workforce. The health of your employees is directly proportional to their productivity and performance, which can affect the business operations. Not just that, safe working conditions too are important to minimize risk of mishaps and accidents. Typically, you can expect health and safety consultancy services that will conduct risk audits, GAP analysis and offer training and consultancy services.

Construction Health And Safety: Construction sites are most susceptible to accidents. Risk control strategies should be in place to ensure that the workers are protected at all times. The service include: site surveys, reviews of designer’s health and safety risk information, complete F10 notification to the HSE, reviews of the H&S Plan and complies H&S file. Apart from that, the service will adhere to the CDM regulations for notifiable projects.

Fire Safety: Fire is very risky, it is important to arrange for fire safety since it can cause huge loss or damages. Health and safety consultancy will offer customized services that suit your business requirements. They offer state of the art management systems, conduct fire safety GAP analysis and risk assessments. They also look into enforcement liaison and consultancy services or training.

Food Hygiene And HACCP Development: Food hygiene is one of the most critical aspects of business. It can risk the health of your clients or employees. Not just that, it can affect your reputation significantly. The services would include food safety policies, safety audits, hazard analysis, hazard management system and safety training.

Environmental Management And ISO 14001: Corporate social responsibility towards the environment has gained a lot of significance. It is important to comply with environmental management. Not only will it enhance your reputation, it will conserve our natural resources. Some of the health and safety consultancy services that you can expect would include environmental management and GAP analysis, ISO 14001, auditing, waste management and consultancy.

Apart from these services, your staff can be trained to handle emergencies. The courses are tailor-made to meet your business requirements. The training includes interactive workshops, in-house and open courses. Workplace safety is not something that can be ignored. As soon as you set up a business, your safety methods should be in place. Non-compliance can be costly.

Another Look at Some Ways a Search Engine Consulting Firm Can Help Expand Your Business

If you have a website for your business, and you want to expand it to bring in new clients, a search engine consulting firm might be able to help you do this. Here is a short list of just a few of the marketing techniques they might use:

Local search marketing – A search engine consulting company will help your business website gain higher rankings in the local search engine results. People searching for what you have to offer very often type the area in which they live in to the search engines to find the local results. Your search engine consultant will optimize your website for this kind of search phrase.

Increase your engine ranking with in bound link building – It has been proven that those businesses with quality link backs to their sites are given a higher ranking in the engine searches. If your business has its own blog or website, your search engine consultant can assist in helping to increase your client base by making sure you get some quality link backs that are subject-related to your service.

Some of your new connections will include those sites and blogs that are very well known, have something to do with the market that you operate in, and have a high traffic flow because what they provide to their readers is considered reputable and highly informative.

Advertise your services using the big social bookmarking websites – You may be at a point in your career where you want to expand your business to include a client base in other surrounding areas. Your consultant can assist you by mass advertising your services on several of the larger social bookmarking sites, that contain a membership base that numbers in the hundreds of thousands.

And once your advertisements have been “mass sent” to all those members on all those social bookmarking sites, the odds are in your favor that there will be at least a handful of them who live in your city, or in neighboring towns, who will eventually see them, and realize your business exists near them. And from that handful, one or two may call you and become your client.

And, even if only a couple of them become new clients of yours, there is still ample potential for you to gain even more business – as those new clients will most likely have some friends who would love to know the name of a good business, as well. And, it only takes one or two “nods” from a few satisfied customers to lead others in your direction – so don’t ever underestimate the power of “word of mouth”, in helping a business to explode.

Content writing to promote your website – Right up there with word of mouth, but on a much larger scale, is the power of the written word in regards to drawing people to you. It has been shown that many people who became new clients of a business, did so after they read a good review of it, or a positive informational piece about what that business was known to provide their customers. And, your search engine consultant can be instrumental in hiring content writers to do the same for you and your business, and may be able to help increase your business in this manner.

So, now you know some of the ways hiring a search engine consulting firm can help you in expanding your websites reach. If this piques your interest, then perform your own engine search on a few of them, and then contact the one that looks like it may be able to do the best job for you.

Three Syndromes Consultants Face

Last night I was talking to another health care consulting friend of mine who just ended a long assignment. She was asking how things were on the health care front, and I told her things were a bit slow, but probably ready to start warming up again.

We started talking about some of our shared experiences, because many of us who work in this business will encounter some of the same things, even if we’re at different hospitals. There seems to be some running themes in what we try to do.

The first syndrome is coming in after someone else who didn’t do a good job. That may be a permanent employee who just wasn’t working out, or another consultant who couldn’t get the job done. Right off the bat, you’re under pretty tough scrutiny, which consultant’s usually are anyway, but people are wary and mistrustful; they feel they’ve been burned before, and don’t want to get burned again. Eventually, if you’re pretty good, you’ll get people to come around, and some will even embrace what you’re trying to do, but it might take a little bit of time to get them to warm up to you.

The second syndrome is walking into a situation where the politics are intrusive. When you’ve been brought in by one person to do something, but someone else who’s either just above or below either you or the person who brought you in wants something else done, even if that something else is to do whatever they can to make you fail. That happens, believe it or not.

Unfortunately, not every person in management is really out for the best of the organization; sometimes it’s all about “me”, and who cares about anyone else. That can be difficult to deal with, and the way I work through it is to talk to the person who brought me in and tell them that they need to somehow take care of these things because I’m going to ignore them and do what I came to do, and that’s that.

No, it’s not very consultant like in a way, because many consultant’s feel they’re supposed to defer to every whim that someone else has. But I like to think I’m building my reputation on getting things done right, not always giving everyone exactly what they want. At a certain point, if they’re insistent, I will give them what they want, as long as it’s not illegal, but I also make note of it and make them confirm they said it so that no one can come back on me later on and say that wasn’t accurate. That’s usually where I’ll win, because no one wants to commit themselves like that, I’ve found.

The third syndrome is the one where people are afraid you’re going to come in and make them look bad. That’s actually one I haven’t had to deal with all that often because many times I’m going in to a situation where the people who should have been doing the job aren’t there, so none’s the wiser. However, that type of thing has prevented me from getting other gigs, because I might produce results that the top dogs would then ask someone else “why didn’t we know about this before?” That’s a question some folks hate answering, and it’s not a difficult question because not everyone knows everything. I’ve said this many times, in health care, people are often over things that they have no practical experience with, and are too busy to learn it, so why should they be expected to know it all?

But the jealousy factor is a tough one to overcome. I know many consultants who have had good plans overridden because the person they’re reporting to decides they don’t want it done. They might not have a good reason, which unfortunately happens often, and if there’s not a good reason, then there’s not even any discussion that can take place.

If someone needs me for an interim position, one of the first questions I usually ask is how much latitude will I be given to do what I need to do to get the job done. They almost always say I’ll have as much freedom as I want; that’s not quite always true. For one gig, I wasn’t told until I was there about the division between management and the union; that was ugly, but what can you do? For another, I was told there was this big issue with one thing, only to find there wasn’t that issue at all, but I couldn’t get anyone to listen to me on it. Happens sometimes; consultant’s aren’t omnipotent either.

Think about your own work situation, if you work with others. Are you able to allow others to find something wrong with whatever you might be doing? Are you able to accept an idea from someone else and possibly act on it in some fashion without worrying that it might make you look bad? Are you forthcoming with enough information so that proper decisions can be made? If you had to think about yourself as a consultant, would you be a good one or a bad one?

SEO Consultant

I am often asked “where can I find an SEO consultant?” by people who want help with their websites. As an SEO consultant myself this is an easy question to answer! But many people aren’t entirely sure what SEO is let alone what an SEO consultant does.

Quite simply SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimisation’. It’s a rather pretentious phrase which is about getting your website easily found by the search engines. Ultimately it is about getting your site to be found higher up the search results than any of your competitors. That’s why business attracting traffic online get very excited about it and very competitive.

If you want to ‘SEO’ your pages it’s usually best to ask an SEO consultant but you can also have a go yourself. There are lots of things you can do to achieve this. If you have a site already then you may be compromised by what you’ve done to it already but essentially here are 10 things an SEO consultant would advise that you be thinking about:

1. Relevant content – it’s true that ‘content is king’ if your site is not giving good content value then it will not be optimised as much as it could be. Make sure it’s relevant to the searcher.
2. Title-tag – this is the name of the page that is live. Take a look at the source code, the ‘title tag’ at the top is one of the first things the search engine sees when looking for a relevant result for someone’s search. Name the file after your keyword. It’s not as powerful as it used to be but it’s not unimportant.
3. URL- try to make the title of your site (URL) the same as your main keyword/s. This can be very difficult but there are ways round this even if you think the URL name has already been taken. Split your main words with hyphens – EG if is taken try
4. Meta-tags These are keywords in your copy that define the content of your page and make sure these correspond with keywords that are being typed in
5. H1 Heading – on your landing page, make sure that the first piece of text is your keyword and make sure it is in H1 text
6. Sub-heading – likewise make sure that your sub-heading is also the same keyword but this time in H2 text
7. Copy – put your keyword several times in the copy on your page. But don’t stuff the page
8. Site map – have a site map. This will help Google to know and order what is among your pages
9. backlinks – arguably this is probably one of the most important aspects of SEO. It is possible to trump all the above with backlinks from high authority sites
10. Links on page – Make sure the links you have on your page (if any) point to good relevant content (preferably on your own site)
11. Longevity – Google considers the age of your site as important. There isn’t much you can do about this if your site is new. But as time goes on obviously you will score better on this.

There are lots of other things you can do both on site and off site to SEO your content. If you want to learn about this then that’s what an SEO consultant would help with.

Is Your Mortgage Consultant the Right One For You?

Fanciful titles, wide exposure in the media and etc. Are these important factors when choosing your mortgage consultant, broker or advisor?


No need to look for an advisor with a fanciful title. However, his or her title should indicate that they are the one for the job. No use looking for a “Mortgage Underwriter” when what you need is something like a “Mortgage broker” or a “Mortgage Consultant”.


Look at how your advisor conducts himself. You do not want a consultant who keeps downplaying other firms or advisors. It is a strange behavior for a professional to have this type of conduct. Is the advisor trying to hide something about himself while shifting your focus on the inadequacies of others? I will be careful if I am dealing with these types of people.


Look, you are trying to get a housing loan for your house. What you need is a mortgage consultant to advise you on the rates. You do not want a consultant to come over to you and force down some mortgage down your throat. A good service allows you to digest the information and make a good decision. A good service does not mean that he or she makes the decision for you or tries to force some thinking into your mind. If you feel uncomfortable with his services, feel free to look for another.


This is a lot harder. How are you really going to know if your mortgage consultant is experienced a not? Are you going to look at his age, looks, or certifications? A good consultant will be one that is referred to by your friends and those around you. They would have used his or her service and must be satisfied with it before recommending to you.


Now this requires some serious thinking on your part. Are you going to choose your advisor based on his or her popularity? Are you going to choose her because she is always appearing on the television programs? In the U.S.A, there are many scammers who frequently appear on television programs. They often promise extremely high returns to those who invest in their programs and buy their products. They can range from buying into limited partnerships to learning short term trading techniques that promise “out of the sky” returns. These so called gurus have a large number of followers and fans. That makes it even harder for you to make a decision. Talk to a few people who can provide you clear and logical opinions about this.

There are many things to take note of, when choosing your mortgage advisor. Choosing the right one is certainly going to be a pleasant and financially rewarding experience for you in the long run.

Tech Sales/Support Jobs Consultancy in Delhi Ncr

Tech sales/support jobs consultancy in delhi ncr

If you are a looking for a good job and for that you are looking for a better consultancy then go for a superior consultancy. Delhi is one of the greatest industrial districts in New Delhi. It is one of the regions witnessing major economic development in recent years. This has been facilitated by the exceptional growth of a large number of sectors in Delhi. The Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sector is one of these. It is one of the real major incomes in Delhi. The rapid economic growth of Delhi owes much to its fast expanding BPO area. It employs thousands of people in the district. The quick and fast growth of the BPO area in Delhi is attracting more and more candidates to it. Job seekers are increasingly being attracted to BPO jobs.

About Us
Standards Services is one of the fast growing and reliable and Top Permanent consultants in Delhi/NCR. We have a dedicated team of qualified experts in BPO placement services in India. We have been providing agents to 240+ companies all over Delhi. Standards Services never fails to help the clients to get the job in their desired company. We also help and assist them with complete details of the desired country. That makes us one of the leading recruitment consultancy.
Standards Services is IT and recruitment firm we are providing recruitment/ placement services for since 8 years. We give highly efficient and good candidates to the company now we additionally offer IT services. We are offering 100% jobs… We are providing BPO jobs for a Domestic or International process for freshers or experienced candidates in Delhi NCR.

We are Standards Services Consultancy, a principal recruitment provider of global repute. Started as a brainchild of Mr. Mukesh Kaushik, a dynamic and visionary Chairman, our company was founded in 2011 supported by tons of self-reliance and uphill struggle with a sole mission to emerge as one of the leading recruitment provider. We have been, anchored on values of growth, self esteem, transparency and diversity with a focused vision to move from good to better and to best by becoming the employer of excellence in our industry sector. After facing initial hiccups, Standards Services Consultancy has specialized as an ‘end-to-end recruitment solutions’ firm.
We offer services in Permanent Recruitment, Executive Search, Temporary Recruitment, Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Recruiter on Demand, Campus Recruitment and Bulk Manpower Recruitment in India.we have ventured into new markets and have become a principal provider of skilled professionals in areas such as Automobile, Information Technology, Logistics, Consumer Services & Retail, Advertising & Media, Telecom, Engineering & Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Power & Infrastructure, BFSI, Tourism & Hospitality and ITES. has so far won an accolade as a leading recruiter to an extensive client base having significant international operations with global customers across industries that range from high profile early stage to large Fortune 500.

We are in the business of effectively understanding your manpower requirements, procuring the candidate with the desired profile and building trusting relationships. Standards Services is focused on delivering the best service to the client by putting the best team on your searches and also getting the input of our links from around DELHI/NCR.

Our Services

• HR Recruiters
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• Tech Sales Consultant
 Facilities
• We require confident, smart and excellent communication skills
• Minimum Experience required- 6 months (Fresher’s can also apply)
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• Locations- Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon

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Contact Detail:
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Phone Number: 9540170000